Medifico is pleased to announce the launch of its Brainvue-TCD™ Transcranial Doppler product series, that is being manufactured in the USA to Medifico specifications, and could benefit thousands of “Stroke” prone patients in the detection of Stroke conditions in their lifestyle setting or during certain high risk surgical procedures.

The Brainvue-TCD Transcranial Doppler equipment opens new possibilities for patient care. This cutting edge technology is the latest and best-researched equipment of its kind, in its design and ease of use categories. It is comprised of the highest quality components and is assembled and tested right here in the USA.

The Brainvue-TCD comes in two models. The “Brainvue-TCD 1000” and the “Brainvue- TCD 3000.” In layman’s terms they both measure the velocity of blood flow in the brain through ultrasound technology, but the TCD 3000 is bi-lateral and monitors both sides of the brain simultaneously and is appropriate in the surgical setting, where the TCP 1000 is a portable, hand held, battery operated unit, more appropriate for a doctor’s office or bedside setting. (

Medifico, through its innovative development strategies and the combined efforts of its network and affiliations, intends to place hundreds of these testing and monitoring units in doctors offices, clinics, hospitals and medical facilities where the greatest needs exist.

If you are one of the above, Contact Us to inquire how you may participate. .