If you are a physician in a private practice, a hospital without a stroke center, a clinic with some diagnostic capabilities or a medical facility looking to expand, Contact Us today and discover how you may qualify for a FREE Brainvue-TCD unit.

Through the efforts of Medifico and its affiliate companies the possibility is now a reality, in providing cutting edge Transcranial Doppler diagnostic equipment throughout underserved areas and less advantaged communities throughout the United States, where equipment for medical diagnostics, intervention and treatment is sorely needed.

The Brainvue-TCD™ series of Transcranial Doppler units are state of the art ultrasound technology that can help to prevent and treat stroke prone and stroke patients before the worst happens.

In recommendations from the “Brain Attack Coalition”, a division of “NINDS” the “National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke”, there is a great need for neuroimaging capabilities in the care of patients with cerebrovascular disease and Stroke.

Simply put, by the placement of these units in many areas of need throughout the United States, the incidence of stroke can be significantly reduced and the treatment of patients can be significantly improved.