Medifico and its affiliated companies were formed as a result of recent research conducted by various socially conscious organizations, foundations and institutions in the medical field, as well as advances in proprietary technologies, and in the financial and community benefit arenas.

The founders emanate from a wide span of complementing industries, and hope to expand Stroke and Neurological Disorder awareness through the creation of the Medifico Brainvue Foundation,  for the advocacy of  “Accurate Medical Diagnoses”.   A wife of one of the founders, was misdiagnosed some thirty plus years ago with a serious neurological disorder, where she might have received more appropriate treatment and enjoyed a better quality of life, had an accurate diagnosis been made.   In recent years, due to technological advances, a more accurate diagnosis of her, as well as one of her daughters with a similar condition was obtained, and spawned this idea to be a lead cause of Medifico to benefit society as a whole.

It is the intention of Medifico to provide beneficial diagnostic and advanced medical technology to the under-served areas of the United States, where the incidence of Stroke and other Neurological Disorders can be reduced and courses of treatment can be more timely determined, thereby improving the quality of health care provided.