Medifico & Associates, f/k/a Medifico Inc. and its affiliated companies serve the specialty development needs of medical equipment, medical programs, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities that not only deliver healthcare, but also provide community support functions that meet the local needs for bettering the lifestyles of its people.

Medifico hopes to secure business relationships with companies, associations, institutions, philanthropic organizations and other socially conscious persons and entities to spread the wealth of technologically developed advances.  These relationships will enable Medifico to design unique and innovative strategies and solutions,  for the needed placement of these technological advances in many more medical offices and facilities throughout the USA, especially in the less advantaged and under served areas.

For Immediate Release

New Medical Equipment Firm, Medifico, Targeting Vital Brain Disorder Treatment Launch of Life-Saving Brainvue-TCD Offering Hope for U.S. Communities in Need

LANCASTER, PA (March, 2008) – With a focus on providing sorely under-served U.S. communities with much-needed technologically advanced medical equipment, Medifico, Inc., an innovative, new medical equipment company, has announced the launch of the Brainvue-TCD™ 1000. “   »Read more